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Swarovski Crystal Unit

Swarovski Crystal Unit

SKU U8558A

Unit includes 47 best-selling pre-strung crystals, mirrored display, and 3 FREE crystals. Also available without display.

3 each of 20mm Crescent Moon Clear

2 each of following crystals:

28mm Shell Clear
40mm Octagon
20mm Ball w/Facets Light Peridot
20mm Ball w/Facets Dark Sapphire
38mm Icicle Drop Clear
40mm Icicle Drop Clear
28mm Heart Clear
26mm x 16mm Leaf Clear
20mm Star Clear
20mm Star Jet
28mm Star Clear
28mm Star Aurora Borealis
32mm x 23mm Matrix Clear

1 each of:

28mm Starfish Aurora Borealis
28mm Starfish Clear
40mm Starfish Clear
20mm Ball w/Facets Clear
20mm Ball w/Facets Aurora Borealis
20mm Ball w/Facets Antique Green
20mm Ball w/Facets Jet
20mm Ball w/Facets Violet
30mm Ball w/Facets Clear
30mm Ball w/Facets Aurora Borealis
50mm Icicle Drop Clear
38mm Pear Shape Aurora Borealis
50mm Pear Shape Topaz
50mm Pear Shape Clear
40mm Star Clear
20mm Crescent Moon Clear
30mm Crescent Moon Clear
30mm Crescent Moon Aurora Borealis

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